The Mars Volta - Tremulant EP - LP + T-Shirt

The Mars Volta - Tremulant EP - LP + T-Shirt

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Release Date: June 11th 2021

Exclusive Clouds Hill edition - remastered for black vinyl using the original mixes

(1 LP including credit sheet)

2002's TREMULANT EP had much to accomplish within its three tracks and 19 minutes: to define the group’s ambitions and their possibilities, to sketch out a limitless horizon for their future adventures. The EP’s genre - emulsifying sprawl, segueing from splenetic punk - salsa pell - mell to meditative, dubbed - out drum machine symphonies with unerring confidence, announced The Mars Volta’s visionary new sound, an embryonic version of everything that would follow.

  1. Cut That City
  2. Concertina
  3. Eunuch Provocateur

Product Details:
Formats: LP
Released: June 11th 2021
Catalogue #: CH187
Label: Clouds Hill