Teri Gender Bender - CATSPEAK - 10"

Release Date: May 12th, 2023

"Teri is a really uncompromising artist and really, really hyper talented." Iggy Pop already realized - and he is just so right: All songs on CATSPEAK / OUTSIDERS are written and played by the multi-instrumentalist herself.

It is the second duo of EPs Teri Gender Bender releases after her 2022’s EPs SATURN SEX / STATE OF FEAR and the impressive digital 10-EP collection COMPLEXIFY.

Pressed on recycled vinyl.

Product Details:
Format: 10"
Released: May 12th 2023
Catalogue #: CH367
Label: Clouds Hill

Teri Gender Bender - CATSPEAK - 10"

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1. Like No One Else
2. Lost In The Gold
3. Outsider
4. Misery And Us
5. Nicole Speaks Out