Ran Nir - Greener Pastures LP

Release Date: May 12th 2023

"Sad Music For Happy People - Happy Music For Sad People" - that’s how Berlin-based songwriter Ran Nir would describe his music himself. On his second solo album “Greener Pastures”, he is mastering this description, artfully combining the uplifting with the bittersweet, the doubts with a silver lining.

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Formats: LP
Released: May 12th 2023
Catalogue #: CH306
Label: Clouds Hill

Ran Nir - Greener Pastures LP

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1. A Better Place
2. I Am With You
3. Greener Pastures
4. My Own Worst Enemy
5. Brother
6. A Happy Song
7. Made Up My Mind
8. When The Sky Turns Blue
9. Breathe In
10. Greener Pastures (Alt Mix)