Gewalt - Paradies - 2LP Box Set
Gewalt - Paradies - 2LP Box Set

Please note. Due to a production delay pre-orders for this album are not expected to be fulfilled until around later in February.

After five years and countless 7 inches, Gewalt is releasing a box including all singles so far on 12”, a completely new album, and a book which deals with their history, the songs, the production, and so much more.

It's an intimate look into the soul of the band. A band that is hard to describe and hard to understand.

Everything they did is now available in one box.

Product Details:
Formats: 2LP Box Set
Released: November 5, 2021
Catalogue #: CH290
Label: Clouds Hill

Gewalt - Paradies - 2LP Box Set

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  1. Gier
  2. Es funktioniert
  3. Unterwerfung Stirb es gleich
  4. Jahrhundertfick
  5. Paradies
  6. Manchmal Wage ich mich unter Leute
  7. Die Wand
  8. Stumpfer werden
  9. 3:35 Uhr
  10. Deutsch
  11. Nichts in mir ist einer Liebe wert
  12. Pawlow
  13. Keine Mensch
  14. Guter Junge, böser Junge
  15. Wir sind sicher
  16. So geht die Geschichte
  17. Tier So soll es sein
  18. Pandora
  19. Szene einer Ehe